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Mariners lineup after July 31st

The Mariners Batting Order after july 31st

C: Victor MartinezCool/ Rob Johnson
1B: Russel (the muscle) Branyan
2B: Freddy SanchezCool
3B: garret AtkinsCool
SS: Jack WilsonCool
LF: Jermanye DyeCool
CF: franklin Guttierez
RF: Ichiro Suzuki
DH: Ken Griffey Jr./ Mike Sweeny/ Victor MartinezCool

Starting rotation

1. King Felix
2. Cliff LeeCool
3. Chad QuallsCool
4. Jason Vargas
5. Ryan Rowland Smith


David Aardsma
Shaun Kelly
Mark Lowe

how they would get these players.Cool
Trading away some of these players:

Miguel Batista
Wladimar Ballinteen
Carlos Silva
Erik Bedard
Jarrod Washburn
Brandon Morrow
Kenji Jojima
Garret Olsen
Chris Woodward
Some Minor Leage Pitchers.

Mariners RULE!!!!!!

Cool= players got from trade
Posted on: July 24, 2009 12:32 am

trading: mariners

   Trading (Mariners)

-I think that the mariners should try to get a deal to get Indians catcher Victor Martinez. They need a catcher that can hit and catch. Catching is probably Seattle's weakness. 
   -They should also trade for a starting pitcher. keep Wash and felix but trade Bedard. Maybe they could get Cliff Lee for him.
   -Last of all, they should look at shortstop options. marco Scutoro would be a good fit. they could trade away cedeno and a minor leaguer for him. there's also Jhonny Peralta.

post comments about who you think they should trade away or get. 

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